La La Land: I La La Loved It!



For Valentine’s Day, the boyfriend and I went to the cinema to finally go see La La Land. After reading a lot of great reactions to the movie and knowing it has already raked in a fair amount of awards and is still nominated for a few more, my expectations were pretty high. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed!



It was theatrical and over the top, but somehow still immensely relatable. And excuse me, but why can’t my friends burst into song and dance at the most random moments!? My teenage self always dreamt of living life in a musical and this movie does a great job of showing what that would actually be like – a whirlwind of colour and sound that sweeps you off your feet and takes you along for a thrilling ride (what else did you expect?).


Aside from the magical aspect, though, this movie also has a very human side. It shows the over-the-top theatrical dream life, but also the nitty gritty of the harsh reality we live in and the hardships of trying to chase your dreams. And, somehow, it manages to find the perfect balance between the two.



Emma Stone is gorgeous and such an amazing actress. And Ryan Gosling is, well, Ryan Gosling. But seriously though, they both played their parts so well and really brought the characters – and by extension the whole movie – to life in the most wonderful way.




Cinematographically this movie is an absolute gem. It seriously is such a pleasure to watch and with every scene change comes a new breathtaking backdrop.



The choreographies are dreamy af too, but I do think both lead actors should maybe keep their singing careers to just this one movie – especially Ryan Gosling’s voice was a little bit too raw at times (for my liking, anyway). But I guess that unpolishedness could maybe be exactly what they were going for and it does make the whole movie a bit more pure and real. No auto-tune here, folks! (Or maybe only a little.)


I’d heard a few people say they were disappointed by the ending and while I can certainly understand why, I actually think the ending was really fitting. Obviously I don’t want to give away any spoilers in case you still have to see this movie (and trust me, you need to see this movie!), but I was really moved by how it all played out and think they made a great choice ending it the way they did.

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