We Were On A Break by Lindsey Kelk | Book Review

We Were on a Break

‘You’ve just had a holiday,’ I pointed out, trying not to yawn. ‘Wasn’t that enough of a break?’

‘I don’t mean that kind of break.’

There’s nothing worse than the last day of holiday. Oh wait, there is. When what should have been a proposal turns into a break, Liv and Adam find themselves on opposite sides of the life they had mapped out.

Friends and family all think they’re crazy; Liv throws herself into work – animals are so much simpler than humans – and Adam tries to get himself out of the hole he’s dug. But as the short break becomes a chasm, can they find a way back to each other?

Most importantly, do they want to?”


As you can tell from the blurb, this book is about the story of Liv and Adam who went on a romantic getaway together that was supposed to end with a proposal, but due to unexpected circumstances ended in a break instead.

I know not everyone is a fan of this genre, “chick lit”, but I absolutely adored reading this book! I remember stopping midway through chapters to text my boyfriend about something totally shocking Adam had done, or something hilarious Liv had said (and vice versa) – I was so caught up in the whole thing and so touched by the characters that I basically couldn’t stop talking about it. So now I’m sharing my experience with you.

The chapters switch between Liv’s point of view and Adam’s point of view, which I wasn’t a fan of at first because I’d fallen so madly in love with Liv’s quirky sense of humour and she was so relatable. I’ve been through many a break-up myself and it was so funny to read this book and be like ‘oh yes, I would totally do that!’ I shared every high and low on the roller coaster of emotions that Liv is on throughout the entire book as if I was living it myself. Apart from the very gripping and moving scenes of Liv’s breakdowns, there were also plenty of moments that made me laugh out loud (and sometimes the breakdowns did, too). From trying to find the perfect dress when you know your ex (well, sort of ex in this case) is going to be at the same party as you, to just binge-eating trash food and feeling sorry for yourself on your living room floor – every single line of this book had me hooked.

I did grow to like reading Adam’s chapters as well. It gives you a sneak peek into what it looks like (or might look like) on the other side. As a woman myself, I kind of know what we go through after being (semi-)dumped, but I’d never given much thought to how it feels for the guy. And they can be just as devastated as we are, they’ll probably just show it in a different way – or not at all. Through reading his chapters, I came to understand why Adam made certain decisions. Which doesn’t mean I particularly liked those decisions, or him for that matter.

You read that right: I am not an Adam fan. At least, not 100%. There were so many moments in the book where I could just smash his head into a wall! But I guess my stereotypical view of what a good boyfriend should be like is to blame for that. We want a guy to be a knight in shining armour who will take all our troubles away and ride off into the sunset with us on the back of his beautiful white horse and will never even so much as glance at another princess (at least, I know I do!). The reality is… Nobody’s perfect. Everyone is going to make a few mistakes (or maybe a lot of them), but that doesn’t make them bad people. And yes, a guy might think some other girl is, like, super attractive. What’s important is that he doesn’t act on that attraction and he chooses you.

I guess you might say I turned into more of an Adam fan towards the end of the book, but to be honest – I actually kind of liked disliking him, if that makes sense? I think it says a lot about an author’s writing skill if they manage to get you hooked on a character that you don’t love. Because even though I wanted to throw the book out of the window at certain points, I couldn’t put it down. And the fact that I was able to feel such strong emotions about the characters (whether they be good or bad), made me really fall in love with their story.

Both Liv and Adam go through a lot during their time apart, but throughout the entire book you just find yourself rooting for them and hoping that they’ll come out on the other side alive and well. Honestly, it’s a bit like Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS – which is also what the title refers to, I think. I mean, I’m fairly certain because “We were on a break!” is just such an iconic Ross quote that I don’t think it’s possible that the title of this book is not a reference to that (and if it isn’t – I’m sorry, Lindsey!). And I have to say, the reason it reminded me of FRIENDS is a huge part of why I picked this book up as I was browsing the book fair. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

This was the first book I ever read by Lindsey Kelk, but boy, has it left me hungry for more! If you like a light-hearted read that will still invoke so many different emotions, I definitely recommend this one. I finished reading it in a heartbeat because it was just that good.

If you’ve read this book, share your thoughts with me in the comments down below! And if you haven’t read it yet, but this review made you want to read it – let me know, too. Book recommendations are also highly appreciated. Thank you for reading, and see you in a few weeks with a new book review!

We were on a break

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    • I love me some good chick lit, too! Thanks for your comment, and I’ll definitely check out your post. πŸ™‚



    • Thank you so much for the compliment on my photography! πŸ™‚ I do love to read some good chick lit every now and then, but I know it’s not for everyone. Thank you for checking out my post anyway, and for commenting.


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    • I’m glad my review was able to inspire you to read this book too! Let me know what you think of it once you’ve finished reading. And thank you for commenting. πŸ™‚



    • I hope you love it as much as I did! Let me know once you’ve finished reading it. And thank you for your comment. πŸ™‚



    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I have to admit that I’ve only just gotten back into reading since a couple of months ago, but this book would definitely be a great start to getting into it again. Let me know what you think if you do end up reading it. And thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚



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