Pretty Little Liars: S07E11 “Playtime” | Recap


“Spencer focuses on learning more about her connection to Mary Drake, while Aria and Ezra figure out what their future may hold now that Nicole is back in the picture. Mona helps Hanna get her fashion career back on track, and Emily struggles to balance things between Ali and Paige now that the three of them are working at Rosewood High. Meanwhile, A.D. has a special delivery for the Liars, one that reveals the final endgame. The Liars realize this latest gift pushes things to a whole new level.”

The Spring premiere is finally here! After waiting for months we finally get the last 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars and, more importantly, our answers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start by having a look at last night’s episode.


Okay. So Spencer is still alive. But why is she already referring to Mary as ‘mom’ in the back of the ambulance? Just because she claimed to be her mother right after Spencer was shot in the shoulder and on the brink of unconsciousness… You’d think she wouldn’t even remember, or at least not believe someone as shady as Mary straight away. I mean, she was there, in that creepy abandoned school for the blind, while the girls were being chased by psychopaths and almost murdered. Why is no one questioning that?

But yeah, Veronica confirmed Mary’s claim. That’s sad. I honestly didn’t expect any of this to be true. I thought maybe Mary was delusional for some reason. Never in a million years did I think it would be going down like this. And why exactly is Spencer mad at Veronica, and not Peter? He is the one constantly cheating on his wife. Poor Veronica has had to deal with this shit more than once. She had to watch Jason grow up right next door and had to raise one of her husband’s bastard children like her own. Which she did a pretty amazing job at, I might add. She could’ve just as easily refused to raise Spencer and then where would she have ended up? Honestly, Veronica did way more than what anyone could’ve ever expected of her and still she’s the one getting all the shit for it.

I also don’t really understand why Spencer wants to now suddenly connect with her biological mother who is a confirmed lunatic. She was put in Radley Sanitarium for a reason (although it is debatable whether that was a legitimate reason or not, but still). She pretended to be Jessica and tricked Peter into having sex with her. She helped Rollins/Dunhill con Alison out of all of her money. This woman is not a good person. I honestly don’t get why Spencer is so keen on getting to know more about her and possibly bonding with her. Gross.


Excuse me but why are the police being so chill about Noel Kahn’s freaking head being chopped off!? And uh, yeah, Spencer was shot… So why are you just sitting on your lazy ass instead of, oh I don’t know, trying to at least find Jenna!? Or Mary freakin’ Drake!? They don’t really seem to be concerned about any of this, which is sketchy af. The only thing that is briefly mentioned in the entire episode is the fact that the gun Jenna was holding is not the gun Spencer was shot with. Okay… So then why aren’t you trying to look for the person that actually did this!? The cops in Rosewood are so corrupt it’s not even funny anymore.

Which brings me to this: there was another person in that school the night it all went down, and that person is most likely A.D. But who was it then? Did Noel and Jenna know this person was present? More importantly: did Mary know? Are (or in Noel’s case: were) they all working with/for A.D? I mean, I guess it’s pretty much confirmed that Jenna at least knows something from that scene at the very end, although it could also imply that Jenna is as much under A.D.’s thumb as our liars. It almost seems as though this endgame is going to set Jenna ‘free at last’. Or, you know, she’s just a creepy psychopath who is looking forward to everything that’s coming the girls’ way in the next 9 episodes.

I’ve seen a lot of comments online about that final scene and why Jenna was sat in the dark with sort of like a spotlight on her. There are different opinions on what this means, some people liked it, some people didn’t, but here’s my theory: this scene is meant to portray that Jenna is – quite literally – in the dark. She is blind, so she can never have an idea of what is truly going on. The only thing she knows in that particular scene is that she is sitting on a chair, she was handed a cup of tea and then the 1001 pages in braille. That’s it. I think this scene was meant to show us a little bit what it’s like from Jenna’s perspective, but that’s just my two cents.


Man, that board game. Again, there are a lot of mixed opinions on this. But frankly, I love it! I mean, it brings back some of that old skool Pretty Little Liars vibe. This is going to bring up a lot of stuff we don’t know about yet, especially if it continues on with the truth/dare aspect of it all. The way Spencer’s finger hovered over that ‘truth’ button before deciding on ‘dare’… There are so many secrets the liars are still keeping from each other, and I need to know what they are! I honestly believe this game is going to bring a lot of excitement back into the show, and I also like how it’s a physical manifestation of the psychological game this ‘A.D.’ has been playing with the liars for so long. It seems like a very fitting way to finally end it.

On the other hand… Really? A board game? It’s so ridiculous. Not to mention huge and super obvious. I mean, how did Veronica not notice that monstrous thing when she went to see Spencer? How are they going to be able to keep this from anyone if it’s just there on display? People are going to come visit Spencer, like Veronica did, and people are going to ask questions.

Also, can I just say Hanna is all of us? She seems to be the only one who is completely sick and tired of this bullshit (same, girl!). It seems to me that for quite a while now she’s been the only one who was ever firm about going to the police or destroying whatever new plaything ‘A.D.’ came up with. I mean, was she really the only one out of the four five of them (ugh, still can’t believe Alison is now a genuine part of it all) that wanted to destroy that monstrous board game?

But yeah, of course ‘A.D.’ has footage of the girls digging up yet another dead body which means they can’t destroy it or they’ll go to jail. It’s become such a cliché at this point I honestly don’t know what else I was expecting. It’s so obvious that this board game is bugged, yet none of them even seem to realise. Spencer needs to get out of that barn, and they need to stop discussing everything standing around that board game! Nevertheless, I’m curious to see how this will play out and how the girls’ truths & dares are going to escalate from here on out (but let’s be real here: are any of them ever going to pick ‘truth’?).

A lot of people are saying this high-tech board game is a clear hint towards Lucas, but my first thought when I read that was: “or Caleb”. Now that I’m typing this, my second thought is: “or Mona”. I would be fairly disappointed if Lucas turned out to be ‘A.D.’; he’d be such a boring villain. Unless they’re able to come up with some very surprising twist, I just don’t see it. Caleb… Now that would just be heartbreaking. Haleb (Hanna + Caleb) is probably my favourite romantic ship of the entire show and I would hate for this to happen. I don’t want Hanna to be betrayed that way, and I don’t want my favourite couple to inevitably break up that way. Mona is the only one out of these three possible ‘A.D.’ candidates I’d be satisfied with. I still don’t trust her, and we know from previous seasons and episodes that she is just as tech savvy as Caleb and would definitely be able to pull off building a board game like this. Here’s hoping! (But you know what they say about that…)


First of all: why did it take Aria an entire week to make up her mind on not staying in Ezra’s apartment any longer? I mean, I would’ve been out of there the minute I saw Ezra and Nicole together on national television. It was as if he’d completely forgotten that he’d proposed to Aria. I understand that he’d been going through a really tough period and had been grieving what was probably a dead ex-girlfriend, but he’d clearly moved on from that if he was able to start up a relationship with Aria again. It was really insensitive of him (to his now fiancée) to just jump on the first plane to get to his ‘damsel in distress’. Secondly, I did not expect Ezra to show up and let (or basically force) Aria stay in his apartment. Especially not after seeing his reunion with Nicole. I honestly thought he was going to have an expression of mixed guilt and acceptance and would just let her go. This whole Nicole-Ezra-Aria triangle situation is just messed up and unnecessary. They either make Ezria endgame and let them finally have a normal relationship without all this Nicole bullshit, or they have them break up and finally move on from each other. But please, stop this madness, one way or the other.

On another note, I don’t get why Emily keeps pining after and protecting Alison. From that committee meeting in the teacher’s lounge it was pretty clear that Alison is the one going after Paige and not the other way around. Sure, I still think Paige is fishy, but in that moment she was simply reacting to Alison’s provocations – which is what anyone would’ve done under the same circumstances. You can only be polite and mature so many times before you snap at yet another nasty comment. The nerve Emily had to then go to Paige and be like “Alison has changed”, yada yada… No, she clearly hasn’t! She’s still that same controlling bitch she was in high school. I really wish Emily would take of the rose-tinted glasses and finally see Alison for who she really is. I wish all of the liars would do the same. Sure, you could argue that Alison has been through a lot and therefore deserves to be cut some slack, but she acts as if she’s the only one who is going or has been going through a rough time, which is simply not true. These girls have all had their fair share of misery, and she does not get to sit around and play the innocent victim who is just putting up a wall to protect herself. Furthermore, why is she constantly leading Emily on? This is also something that has been going on since high school. And still Emily lets her get away with it! Yes, she did ask Alison to not kiss her anymore, but she added a “not until you’re sure” to it. Which comes across as so pathetic to me. You can do way better than Ali, Emily.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed watching this episode as much as I did! Whether you did or not, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Is there anything you picked up on that I didn’t see?

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