Pretty Little Liars: S07E13 “Hold Your Piece” | Recap


Sorry for the delay, guys! But it’s finally here:

“Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Aria and Emily team up to investigate Sydney for more information about Jenna and her connection to A.D. Spencer grows closer to detective Furey, while Aria struggles with her current situation with Ezra. Hanna’s turn at the game is more intense than she bargained for and leads to shocking consequences.”

First of all: why does A.D. seem to hate Hanna more than any of the other girls? I mean, Spencer and Emily’s turns at the game weren’t all that bad – all Spencer had to do was go have a talk with Toby at the hospital to receive a letter and a puzzle piece, and Emily needed to have a bit of a rant to a teenage girl for the second puzzle piece. No biggie. But then I read this synopsis and suddenly Hanna’s turn is “more intense than she bargained for” and will lead to “shocking consequences”? I’m curious to see what they’ll be, but come on, give Hanna a break for once. Also, why is Sydney suddenly relevant again? I hope we get some damn answers this time…


That doll! I mean… A lot of ridiculous things have happened on this show, but that doll is definitely in the top 5. I guess it was supposed to be super creepy and whatnot, but I honestly just found it laughable. It did bring us back to earlier seasons and the way -A tried to freak the girls out, but the whole knocking-on-the-door shtick made it ridiculous. Can you imagine someone in a black hoodie ominously knocking on that expensive loft’s door and then bolting as soon as they hear steps approach on the other side of it? Or did A.D. somehow program the doll to knock on the door? That would probably be even weirder. And then the blood. How did Hanna even know she needed to take precautions for anything gory coming out of the doll? She was treating it like a full-blown real operation and… Would anyone really do that? If you’ve figured out you need to cut open a doll to get to something, would you really think ‘huh, maybe I better cover everything in case something gross spills out’? But apart from that, why was there even blood in the first place? What is A.D.’s deal with that? I get that it makes everything look a little bit creepier, but come on, was it really necessary? It felt like some over the top shit they pulled so they could put it in a promo and make us all think Hanna was cutting into an actual person.

Speaking of the doll… Uhm, excuse me, but how did Caleb know that it talked? He said it so casually, as if it was a normal thing to expect. Unless they were inspecting the doll off-screen – that would make sense. But it came off as so suspicious to me because it didn’t seem like they’d been spending a lot of time investigating just yet. All they’d done was move the doll inside. I guess he could’ve noticed the pull-string during that process, but shouldn’t he maybe have said something sooner then? Or shouldn’t Hanna have noticed it too in that case? I don’t know, I just think it was weird that Hanna was chilling on the couch and he just casually mentioned “hey this doll talks” and then moved the wig to get to the pull-string. Like… What is up with that? I don’t want Caleb to be suspicious at all, because I love him and I love Haleb, but damn, that made me wonder.

Also, unpopular opinion time: Hanna was right in calling the others out on how easy their turns have been. Yeah, Spencer was shot which is of course something terrible to go through (although it doesn’t really seem like she’s too fussed about it tbh) and it was revealed that Mary Drake is her biological mother, but that was before the game was introduced. Hanna was talking about the board game and, you know what? She’s damn right. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post: Spencer and Emily had it so easy, and it’s not like there was anything at stake for them if they didn’t do it except the one thing that is at stake for all of them, which is the video of them getting rid of Rollins/Dunhill’s body. Hanna was about to lose her career. And I get that a lot of the fans don’t care about Hanna’s career because it’s just filler, but that is still something that would be super important for any person. This could’ve ruined a huge part of Hanna’s life. I feel like A.D. has been way harder on Hanna than on any of the other girls (I feel like maybe even all As were harder on her), and I hope we’ll find out why that is. Could it be because she’s a blonde, like Alison? Because she looks like her? Because that has been hinted at a few times throughout the seasons, especially when Ali was still missing. I mean, Alison is basically the reason this whole thing started way back when… Now, maybe A.D. is not linked to any of that past drama, but it has been hinted at that this person has been around since the very beginning, so it’s possible. I don’t know, I just feel like the whole fandom is always coddling Spencer while Hanna is now rightfully pissed because her turn was a lot worse than the previous two.


So Ezra is gone and suddenly Aria is this techy karate-kid that goes all gangsta on people. What is up with that? Are they actually trying to make her suspicious right now? I mean, are we really supposed to believe that she learned all that hacker stuff in just a few hours? That’s just weird. And where did she get those aggressive moves from? Don’t get me wrong – I loved feisty Aria. The girls should all get like this more often and stop letting people mess with them. It was also very refreshing to see Emily and Aria go after someone like that without a badass’ help (like Caleb or Mona), but… AriA theorists are going to have a field day with this. I’m personally not a believer in any of the “one of the girls has been -A all along” theories. Mainly because it would break my heart and I would probably hate the show forever. But it would be a very dramatic twist, and the worst we’ve seen so far. We’ll see how this one turns out.

Can we also talk about how creepy it was that Nicole was just sitting in the dark in Ezra’s apartment? Why do people in Rosewood enjoy doing that? No sane person would let themselves into someone else’s house and then sit there waiting in the dark for god knows how long until someone gets home. That’s just really messed up. I loved it, because it was terrifying and it was the first time in a long time that I felt scared while watching Pretty Little Liars, but… It’s not normal. And yeah, Nicole probably has some PTSD from her debacle over in South-America, but still. And how did she even get there? Did Ezra somehow bring her? That would make absolutely no sense to me. Why would he do something like that? There is no logical explanation for that decision. So did she then come all by herself? I thought she was supposed to have, like, a lot of (re)broken bones… She didn’t look like someone who should be tied to a hospital bed. But if she did come of her own accord, does that then mean Ezra has never been to see her in New York? If so… Where the hell is he? He obviously hasn’t been answering Aria’s calls, and he’s basically disappeared off the face of the earth. Let’s just say I’m curious to see why Nicole is there and what she’s going to tell Aria.

On to Spencer and Detective Furey. Okay, I’ll admit, that ping pong scene was endearing, but why do we need to get a backstory on this guy? Plus, where does he find the time to take a girl on a date while there is an ongoing investigation into said girl’s shooter? I know I’m repeating myself here, but hello, why aren’t the damn police looking for Mary Drake!? I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again: she was part of a crime scene. It shouldn’t be about whether or not Spencer wants to find and contact her birth mother, it should be about the police trying to find a freakin’ suspect. Jfc Furey, instead of trying to get into the pants of a girl half your age you should focus on actually trying to find someone who could possibly be connected to a murder (Noel Kahn, anyone?) and a shooting. Preferably Mary Drake, but I’d be happy with you finding anyone at this point. Also, isn’t Spencer’s shoulder supposed to still be injured? How can she already be playing ping pong and winning? I don’t get it.

And let’s not forget about Toby and Yvonne (Yoby? Tvonne? idk). I’ve never been a fan of them together, mostly because I couldn’t care less about Yvonne – honestly, who even is she? But I was happy for Toby when he said that Yvonne had woken up. I was just kinda rooting for them without really caring, if that makes sense? I think it was partly something like “okay, now we don’t have to deal with that anymore”, you know? And then Toby suddenly wanted a shotgun wedding. Hmm… That just instantly had me suspicious. I mean, jezus, let the girl wake up properly and heal first! Who would want a hospital wedding anyway? Unless you already know the ending is inevitable and you’ll never get the chance to get to a proper church surrounded by friends and family. I somehow have this feeling that Toby already knew he didn’t have a lot of time left with her. I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but I think he wouldn’t have pushed to have the wedding that soon if he thought she was going to make it and get out of hospital eventually. But yeah, even though I could see it coming from a mile away, I have to admit Yvonne’s death broke my heart a little. Especially during that scene at the end where Toby just completely breaks down in Spencer’s arms. You wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. Having said that, I don’t understand why they kept Yvonne in a coma for so long to have her then wake up for literally five minutes before she died. Couldn’t they have just let her die in the car crash, without all that extra hassle? It just seems a bit pointless.

Regardless, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Spurey or whatever the hell you want to call it is not going to make it either. They’re just building and almost instantaneously sinking ships left and right.


Caleb trying to pull the board game apart was such an idiotic decision. They’ve tried these things before. They’ve tried outsmarting all of their different As and it has never worked out for them. Why would they think this time was going to be different? Especially since Hanna already tried destroying it and the game warned them not to by showing them the footage of them burrying Rollins/Dunhill. I guess I was kinda hoping that the fact that Hanna had the smartphone on her the whole time would maybe mean that the game wasn’t able to spy on the barn anymore – as if the phone is what keeps the whole game going. And I guess that’s still possible. We don’t know whether the game knew Caleb was messing with it and that’s what happened; it could very well be that it’s just an automatic defence mechanism that’s triggered whenever something’s (re)moved or whatever. Which would also make sense. I can imagine A.D. implementing some form of self-preservation for the game. But I definitely didn’t expect it before it happened. I mean, afterwards you’re like “yeah duh, of course something like that was going to happen”, but I didn’t see it coming. I would’ve never thought the game would be booby-trapped with poisonous gas. For a second there I thought Caleb was going to die. It was one of the most intense moments of Pretty Little Liars in a long while.

But yeah, now we know that either the liars get a puzzle piece to solve whatever the hell that picture is supposed to be (a map? really?), or the police get a puzzle piece to figure out what happened with Rollins/Dunhill. I kinda like that analogy a lot. And I love that they’re making it a literal piece of his body. That’s just genius. It’s something that reminds us that A.D. is in fact a genius and twisted mastermind. I hate what the consequences could possibly be for the girls, but I love the concept. It’s great. And it’s like… Not only the girls are playing the game, but the police are actually also playing the same game but with less information. They don’t know what the game is and they don’t know the rules, they don’t even know they’re playing it – and it’s basically up to the girls to really shape where this game will go. It’s literally win or go to jail. Like, that’s amazing. And I also absolutely love that it’s not the footage that gets sent to the police if they don’t get it right. Because that’s what we were all fearing, that’s what the girls are fearing: that the police will get their hands on that incriminating footage as soon as they make a wrong move. But A.D. is still keeping it cryptic. They’re still making the police figure it out on their own, instead of just handing them the answer. So that, to me, means A.D. is not really on anyone’s side. They’re not against the girls, they’re not for the police – they’re just in it for themselves. If they were against the girls and for the police, they would’ve sent that footage in a heartbeat and it would all be done with. Granted, that would also mean their twisted game would be over and they probably wouldn’t want that, so that could be the reason they’re still toying around and not cutting to the chase.


So Sydney’s back. Ain’t that just great. I honestly don’t know why they are sending the girls (and us) on goose chases this far towards the end of the entire show. Did she even give us any decent answers? I felt like she was still dodging a lot of the questions Emily and Aria asked her. She wouldn’t give a single straight answer. And even when she said she was done with Jenna and she was just a minor part of it because she thought it was just a ‘practical joke’… Girl, please, no one’s buying that bullshit. I mean I guess I’m glad that the girls bugged her with some kind of tracking device, but really, I would’ve preferred Sydney to just give answers straight away so we wouldn’t have to wait until the next episode. And who knows if she’s actually going to provide any useful information even then. She’s just an annoying pawn that needs to be gotten rid of. Like, yesterday.

And then there’s Lucas who makes his reappearance in this episode. I have to say that I personally don’t believe in any of the LucAs theories. I just think he’s still kinda obsessed with Hanna (which is super weird and creepy in and of itself), which is why he’s giving her his apartment and helping her build her career etc. I honestly think he doesn’t have any ulterior motive other than trying to keep Hanna as close to him as possible because in his delusional mind he believes or hopes there is maybe still a chance for him if he plays his cards right. I don’t know, that’s just the vibe I get from him whenever he’s interacting with Hanna. That being said, he does now have all of Hanna’s sketches in his possession. So if he is A.D., that whole thing was a very creative ploy to get his hands on those. Although on the other hand… We know A.D. already has access to Hanna’s ideas, since Jenna was wearing a white version of her dress in the previous episode, so I don’t see why LucAs would feel the need to do something like this. I would just find it very hard to believe in Lucas being A.D. because he’s never really given me evil vibes. Creepy? Hell yes. He needs to get over his high school crush already. Scary? Not so much. He just doesn’t seem like someone who would be capable of all the things A.D. throws the girls’ way.

I hate to say it but this episode was yet another let-down. I mean sure, Yvonne’s death pulled on my heartstrings a little bit and Nicole waiting for Aria in the dark was creepy af, but… What answers did we get in this episode? What happened that leads us to finding out who A.D. is? This is supposed to be the “seAson of Answers”, but so far we haven’t gotten a lot of those yet. I just keep hoping that they’ll redeem themselves in the remaining episodes, but with every episode that passes that hope kinda diminishes.

Totally unrelated side note: I’m really loving Aria’s outfits in 7B.

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