Blogmas Day 5: Why I Love Christmas

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It’s December and everyone is proper getting in the festive spirit. All over social media you see people gush over how much they love Christmas and literally counting down the days to Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The question is, though: why is everyone so excited about the holidays? I obviously can’t answer this question for everyone, but I can give you my reasons for why I love Christmas.

There is no denying that, much like Summer, Christmas puts everyone in a good mood. I don’t know what it is exactly that makes everyone so happy, but there’s just something about the holidays that just seems to lift everyone’s spirits. And I love it! It’s a bit of a shame that we have to wait for December to come around, but it’s so nice to see so much positivity everywhere. And after the awful year 2017 has been (not personally, thank god), I feel like this time it’s needed more than ever. Around Christmas time, my faith in humanity always gets restored (even if it’s just a little bit) and there’s honestly no beating that.

On top of everyone being so cheery, this is also the perfect time to get all cosied up and spend most – if not all – of your evenings just relaxing. This is the time for hot chocolates and nice cups of tea, being wrapped up in a blanket and just forgetting about everything as you watch your favourite Christmas films. Alternatively, you can also rock out to all of your favourite Christmas songs, pulling out your best moves and nailing that air guitar. Isn’t it just lovely?

Of course, Christmas also stands for time spent with family. As we’re nearing December 24th, there’s nothing I look forward to more than celebrating Christmas Eve with my nearest and dearest. Granted, every year it’s a bit of a struggle to arrange it all, but we always manage to get there just in the nick of time – and it’s wonderful. As much as I moan and groan because my sister still hasn’t made arrangements for our Secret Santa and there aren’t too many days left to get presents, or because no one can seem to decide on what dish they want to prepare this year… When the day is finally there, I’m so glad that I get to spend it with my family. I do wish we could see each other a bit more throughout the year, but Christmas Eve is always that one night everyone makes sure they’re there and it’s basically a big ol’ catch-up.

Speaking of Christmas Eve, that’s also when we do our big gift-giving moment in true Secret Santa style and I mean… I’d be lying if I said presents weren’t a huge part of why I love Christmas so much. Who doesn’t loving receiving gifts? And since we always do the whole Secret Santa thing, it’s also very exciting to finally find out who had to buy your present(s) this time around – almost equally as exciting as revealing yourself and being able to hand someone their present. Now, my boyfriend and I do do our gift-giving separately on December 25th, because the gifts can sometimes be a bit too personal to give in front of everyone and there’s usually a few tears involved – we’re very emotional people, what can I say. And on top of that, my mum usually gives me an extra gift or two on New Year’s Eve. I don’t actually know why she does it, but she’s been doing it for years and I’m definitely not going to tell her to stop (love you, mum!). So, I mean, December is definitely an exciting month on that front.

And then last but most certainly not least: all of the delicious food. If there’s ever a month to indulge in all of your favourite snacks, try out the most extravagant recipes and just enjoy the best holiday cuisine has to offer – it’s December. The highlight is obviously Christmas Eve, when we usually get served a four-course meal and basically eat until we burst out of our festive attire. There’s nothing better!

All in all, as much as I love Summer, December is a pretty good month and I have to say that Christmas is probably my favourite holiday. Why do you love Christmas? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you again tomorrow with a new Blogmas post!

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