Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

I know most people have probably already bought the majority of their Christmas presents, and I’ve already seen a ton of gift guides by different people, but if you’re anything like me… You’ve still got quite a lot of shopping to do. And for me, my boyfriend is the most difficult person to buy a present for. It’s obviously not that I don’t know him well enough and don’t know what he’d like – it’s that there’s not a whole lot of things he actually wants, and if he does want something he usually just buys it himself. So frustrating! So I decided to write up this gift guide, as much for anyone who’s struggling with the same problem as for myself.

Happy Socks-logo

1. Happy Socks

Some people are probably looking at their screen thinking “socks are the most boring gift ever“, but hear me out. Happy Socks are a company that create fun, colourful socks that can easily add a bit of excitement to any outfit. And I don’t know about yours, but my boyfriend loves to wear socks that are a little bit different – none of those boring black or dark blue ones, it’s all about the colours and funky patterns! So if that special man in your life is the same, look no further. My personal favourite is this festive gift box, which is obviously perfect for Christmas, but they literally have something for everyone. They also have this Christmas gift box, and it sings! But if you prefer to mix and match your own favourites, they also sell individual pairs. This dotted pattern is a bit more on the safe side, but you can opt to go all out with something that’s a little more out there. They also do underwear, if your man isn’t too much of a sock guy! I just want to end this little paragraph by saying that this was in no way sponsored by Happy Socks, I’m just a really big fan of their range and I know my boyfriend always loves a good pair of socks (he goes through them like nobody’s business – I honestly don’t know what he does with his feet!).


2. An External Hard Drive

This is for the boyfriend that’s a full-on geek (not meant in a bad way, just fyi). I bought my boyfriend an external hard drive for his birthday this year because he’d been complaining about not having any space left on his laptop – every single time he wanted to install something new, he had to transfer loads of  files to the external hard drive he already owned and that one was filling up quickly. I think at one point he actually had to delete a bunch of stuff because he’d just run out of space! So if that sounds familiar to you, this might be the perfect gift. This is probably most useful for someone who loves to play a lot of different computer games, or someone who’s got a techy job. Although I have to say I would find it quite useful too, as I’m now having to store a ton of pictures and text files to my laptop – so if your boyfriend is into photography or writing, definitely consider getting him one of these. Depending on your budget, there are a lot of different types to choose from – you can go for a few GB of extra storage, or you can really go for it and choose one that gives him one or a few extra TB. Do make sure that the hard drive you end up going for is compatible with your boyfriend’s laptop, though – it usually will be, but check to be sure.

Christmas jumper

3. A Christmas Jumper

There is no better way to get your man in the festive spirit than with a cosy Christmas jumper! And it’s going to keep him nice and warm, too. Win-win, right? My boyfriend wasn’t really the Christmas jumper type when we first started dating, but I quickly converted him. So whether your man has already got a whole collection of these, or you’re only just introducing him to this holiday tradition – you really can’t go wrong here. There are so many different options to choose from, it’s honestly overwhelming. You can go for a subtle look if you’re just easing your boyfriend into this, or you can go completely over the top with something like this (I mean, it lights up – you can’t get any more over the top than that!). Then there’s the Christmas-party-with-the-family look, and the one he could easily wear to work. Whatever is still missing from his festive wardrobe, you’re sure to find something he’ll like.

147 Things

4. Jim Chapman’s 147 Things

This gift is perfect for anyone that likes to know a little bit about a lot of things. I know that my boyfriend would absolutely love this book, because it’s full of quirky and probably pretty useless (let’s be honest here) facts and he is all. about. that. The amount of times he starts a sentence with “hey, today I read…” and then just randomly tells me a little known fact – if I had a penny, I’d honestly be rich by now. So if your man is anything like that at all (I think mine goes a bit overboard, but) he will absolutely love this. Be prepared to be bombarded with silly, random facts, though. Never before will he have found so many in just one place. This could also be a fun topic of conversation around the Christmas dinner table, you know, when dessert’s served and everyone is kinda tipsy (or just plain drunk, depending on who we’re talking about here) already and most things anyone says are seen as hilarious. Imagine the laughter any one of these facts can bring about! You honestly can’t go wrong with this one.

Laptop backpack

5. A Laptop Backpack

My boyfriend recently got a job and one of his first comments was that he would prefer to have a less bulky backpack. He’s currently still using his old trusty one he had back in secondary school, and it’s all just looking a little bit too child-like. It got me thinking… Most working man will probably want something that’s practical, but still professional-looking when they have to transport their laptop to and from work – and not just their laptop, but anything else they might need to bring back and forth, like paperwork or even just their packed lunch and a few bits and bobs like a phone charger, some pens and a snack. Again, you have lots of different options to choose from here and there is something to suit everyone’s budget. You can go real gadgety here and get one that has a charger built in, multiple separate compartments, a water bottle holder and stuff like that – or you can keep it really simple with a backpack that just has a compartment for the laptop and a compartment for all the other stuff. The best thing to do when choosing the right backpack is thinking of what your boyfriend would need the most, and what look he would prefer (while staying within budget).

I’ve aimed this post mostly at people trying to find the perfect gift for their boyfriend (or husband), but actually I think most – if not all – of these would also be great gifts for basically any man in your life. So I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I was able to give you some inspiration to go do some last-minute gift shopping. Are there any other items you think would make the perfect gift for the man in your life? Let me know in the comments! And I’ll see you again tomorrow with a new post for Blogmas.

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