Discovering Zagreb: Part II

I’m back with part two of our Croatian adventures! The boyfriend and I went on an eight-day holiday to Zagreb back in September. I’ve decided to write two blog posts about it, because too much stuff happened to cram into one post. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can do that here.

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Discovering Zagreb: Part I

Exactly two months and one day ago now (I know, I’m the worst), the boyfriend and I went on an eight-day holiday to Zagreb, Croatia. Since it was September and Autumn was already well on its way, we didn’t have the best weather (read: we had rain 90% of the time), but we tried to make the most of it and Zagreb really is a very beautiful city – even under a grey sky. We also somehow took about a gazillion pictures, which I managed to cut down for the purpose of these blog posts (don’t worry). And yes, I said  blog posts. If you hadn’t figured it out from the title, this will be a two-parter. I thought cramming eight days into one post would be a bit much, so here we are: part one of Discovering Zagreb is finally up.

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Exploring Bruges

view of Bruges
the magnificent view from the top of the belfry

Ah, Bruges. What a wonderful city! Often lovingly referred to as “the Venice of the North”, the historical center is an amalgamation of quirky historical buildings interlaced with various canals and – of course – bridges (the Flemish name basically means ‘bridges’, btw). When my boyfriend and I first went to Bruges for a daytrip a little over a year ago, we decided then and there that we would definitely go back for an overnight stay. And now here we are! Well, there we were. A few weeks ago, as July was slowly coming to an end, we booked a two-day getaway to this magical city.

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